I have been trying to use a button on my Epson 2400 scanner to send a document to PaperPort 8.0, but PaperPort is apparently not registered with the Control Panel>Scanners>Epson 2400>Events menu. Three other applications (Epson smartpanel. Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Omnipage 12) are listed but no PaperPort. I think I have discovered that the applications register in HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStillImageEve ntsSTI Proxy Event.
There was a key for each of the registered applications. Each key had the same format, differing only in the cmdline path to the application exe file and the application name. I thought maybe I could just add a new key, substituting the information for paperport, but that didn't seem to work. However, I didn't know what to name the new key, so I left it as "new key 1". The other keys had long GUID names and I couldn't figure out where they came from. Also, I don't know what the /StiDevice:%1 and /STIEvent%2 parameters mean in the command line.

Is it possible to manually register an application this way, or does the fact that the application didn't register itself during installation mean that it lacks this XP interface altogether? (The scanner works fine with paperport when I initiate the scan from the paperport menu, I just can't use the scanner button to send a document directly to paperport.)

Any help you experts could provide this rookie would be appreciated.