I am having problems with a access 97 program that I have been elected to fix. The database is already messed up and I am not an access guru so any help would be appreciated.

I have an inventory database that has the tables of products, companyinfo, inventory control, purchaseorders, employeeinfo. When the purchasing agent puts the price down on the purchase order form it is not updated to the products screen. The purchase agent would also like to have a price on the purchase order form from the product table with the last price. I have got the form configured to get the price from the table but with multiple instances in the purchase order field how do I get the most current price to be updated to the products table so that it will show in the purchase order form.

Should I place a query on the change property of the part number in the form or should I have it regularly scheduled to update the products table from the purchase order. Not much choice about using this database as they already have 6 months of live data in it.

Thanks in advance.