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    Data Access Pages (Access 2000)

    I have 2 tables in my database that are joined by a "question id".
    I have a query pulling the fields from both tables. The query contains a parameter to ask the user for criteria to pull a certain group of records.
    When I use that query as the basis for a data access page, I am prompted to input the criteria information, but no records are displayed on the page.
    If I take the parameter question out of the query and create a data access page, I get all of the data displayed.
    I'm wanting to use the data access page on our intranet for users to input data into the database.

    Any ideas why the criteria part doesn't work with data access pages?
    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Re: Data Access Pages (Access 2000)

    I know virtually nothing about Data Access Pages, but it seems that you have to pass parameters in a special way - see Passing Parameters to a Data Access Page. This is for Access 2002, but I assume it holds for Access 2000 as well; there used to be an Access 2000 version but it isn't available any more.

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