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    Data Access Pages (2002 XP)

    I have a database set up with a table of peoples details and a questionairre table, which sre related. I would like this to be published on the intranet for people to complete. I have tried creating a query and publishing this as data access page but I can only complete one table whch it askes to be the main table. I woujld like people to be able to search for their details or add themselves if they aren't. Is there any better method for this? Or can I get onlne forms to feed into a database?

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    Re: Data Access Pages (2002 XP)

    Data Access Pages are something like forms for an Access database, but are presented though Internet Explorer, and only for that browser, which is one of the major problems with them. They also have a number of limitations compared to Access forms, but they do basically work. More powerful database controls are available if you use ASP or the .NET ActiveX controls, but you have a major learning exercise to get to that point.

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