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    Page Numbering Formats (Word 2000)

    Can anybody tell me how to do the following?

    I need to put page numbers in my documents, such that page 1 starts say 4 pages into the document itself. Thats the easy bit.
    I also need to show the numbering like this A1, A2, A3 etc.
    I manually typed in the A. However, when I update my TOC only the number is reflected not the letter as well.

    Is there a way to get A1 to appear as my page number in my TOC?

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    Re: Page Numbering Formats (Word 2000)

    It depends. If the reason you want A1, etc. is that you have numbered headings (like Chapter headings) that start with A, B, etc., then do the following:
    1. Go to Insert/Page Numbers/Format Button (you could also use the Format Page Number button on the header/footer toolbar). The latter has a hand holding a page. A dialog box opens.
    2. Check the box that says "Include chapter number".
    3. Unfortunately, this method will include a separator such as a period, dash, colon, etc. The closes you can come to A1 is to use a period so that it looks like A.1. It will be reflected in the TOC, however.
    4. Close the dialog boxes WITHOUT choosing OK. Otherwise, you will also put a page field into your document & all you're trying to do is change the page number format.

    Note that you must have previously applied numbering to the Heading 1 style & made that numbering start with "A". You can do this in the Bullets & Numbering.../Outline Numbering box & pick a numbering system from the bottom row. Then choose Customize... to change the numbering to start with "A" (no quotes).

    The other way that you can put page numbers in the document is to put two page number fields side by side:

    The two fields together will simulate the display of A1, A2, etc. However, that will not change the default numbering of the pages & so the TOC won't reflect A1.
    Hope this helps,

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