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    Saving changes to templates (WordXP)

    Ever since upgrading to WordXP, I sometimes get the message, "Do you want to save changes to your template?" , but no changes were made to the template. It also happens with other templates that I have.

    Another weird thing is that sometimes the menubar disappears or loses a menuitem. This is happening now continually with using Word from Outlook (as the default e-mail editor). It seems to be a problem in one of my templates, but I don't know how to fix it.

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    Re: Saving changes to templates (WordXP)

    Hi Marie:
    I'm not sure if using Word as your email editor causes changes, but I seem to recall some problems with Word as the email editor. However, I would follow the steps in <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>. The menu item or losing the menu bar may be the result of an add-in or a corrupt DATA key.
    Hope this helps,

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