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    Trap disable macros button click (word97, word 2000)

    When a document with macros is opened, Word displays a dialog box prompting the user to enable or disable macros in the document.. I want to be able to trap the disable macros button click thru VB .. How do i do it?

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    Re: Trap disable macros button click (word97, word 2000)

    There are programs that can watch for a variety of screen dialogs and respond to/dismiss them. For example, someone recommended Buzof from Basta Computing. I haven't tried it myself.

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    Re: Trap disable macros button click (word97, word 2000)

    That would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? The prompt is to give the user a chance not to run a macro if (s)he doesn't trust the document. If you were able to trap it and reply 'Enable'...

    Or do I misunderstand your question?

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    Re: Trap disable macros button click (word97, word 2000)

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    Why do you ask? Do you want to write a virus, or keep your code from not becoming disabled?

    Hum as Hans said, it does defeat the intention of that security measure. In fact the Melissa virus was one of the first to exploit this particular idea.

    You can do many things that can be legitimate and also keep the security level somewhat protective.

    1) Sign your VBA Code. You can get a digital signature, or make one yourself, subscribe this signature and the code is understood to be "Good", thus the security alert will not fire. Mind you, you will have to register and pay for a corporate signature, but you can shop around.

    2) Lower the security to a level that allows code to run without any notification, and hire a whole bunch of people to worry about viruses and hacker and what have you.

    If #2 is not an issue, like its your own machine and code, then go for it, but again, its one added level of security.


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