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    Re: Numbered Lists via Style Will NOT 'restart numbers (Office 2000)

    I think you've pretty much defined the difference between Outline-style and Lists-style numbering. I'm not sure there's an alternative to Outline-style numbering for what you want, but then I don't do a lot of automatic numbering.

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    Re: Numbered Lists via Style Will NOT 'restart numbers (Office 2000)

    Most of the numbering information that I've seen written is for someone who wants a continuous list. If you want to use this method, I've seen 2 approaches, neither entirely satisfactory. The first would be to use Outline Numbering. You define your styles FIRST without numbering. Then, with the cursor in the level one paragraph, you go into the Bullets & Numbering dialog box & define your numbering from top to bottom in one go...NEVER close the dialog box until your done. In addition, make sure that your top level has NO numbering. Define that style as white font, size 1. Whenever you want to restart your numbering, you insert that style first. Since all numbering resets after the first level, your list will restart. (In addition, define the style so that the style following it is a level two number. That way you merely press <enter> after entering your "restart style".)

    The problem with this is that when copying and pasting, it's easy to accidentally copy, delete, or forget to delete a paragraph that's virtually invisible.

    The other approach is similar to what you're doing, except that after pasting you run a macro to selected text that restarts your numbering. If you come across anything better, I'd like to know, also. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Numbered Lists via Style Will NOT 'restart numbers (Office 2000)

    I have setup and modified some of the Word syyles to work the way I like.
    (1) Originally I modified the LIST NUMBERS so they used Outline Numbers. But that proved too ungainly.
    (2) So I did Format / Style / Modify to change the 5 styles I use to "Numbered", with 1, A, 1), a), and I) with the indentations and "Space before paragraphs" that I like.
    (3) It's lovely!

    The numbers do NOT restart for each series. I.e.,
    [block or text, NORMAL style]
    1 Text in LIST NUMBER style
    2 Text in LIST NUMBER style
    A Text in LIST NUMBER 2 style
    B Text in LIST NUMBER 2 style
    [block or text, NORMAL style]
    3 Text in LIST NUMBER style
    C Text in LIST NUMBER 2 style
    [block or text, NORMAL style]
    D Text in LIST NUMBER 2 style

    So I have to go to the first entry in each series and do Format / Numbers / ALT-R [restart the numbers].
    If I rearrange the numbered points, I have to undo some of the "restarts" and add some new "restarts"

    Please help me!
    PS - I have tried tweaking the existing styles in every way I can imagine, creating new styles based on the styles that don't work, I've created new styles based on Normal, etc.



    Thanks for the two replies -
    But they made me wonder if I am not explaining myself clearly...
    Because I think what I want would be the most common situation.

    The actual example of the type of thing I am typing is [I am using periods to approximate the spacing, the "xxx Characteristics" lines are both style Heading 2]:
    ADD Characteristics
    The 3 major ADD components are 1) distractable, 2) impulsive, and 3) risk taking. These lead to the following behaviors. Not all these behaviors need be present, nor present to a large degree.
    1...Easily distracted
    2...Short attention span
    3...Difficulty holding a job
    4...Make snap decisions
    6...Distorted sense of time
    7...Difficulty following directions
    8...Often have depression
    9...Strong swings of emotion and convictions
    10..Daydream a lot

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