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    Updates for Windows 98

    To reduce the number of security problems, some "experts" advise downloading all of the updates...others say that the cures (bad patches, etc.) are often worse than the potential diseases.

    I have 2 machines with Windows 98 Second Edition (4.10.222A). Should I download updates from the Microsoft site? If so, is there a cumulative package of updates, or do I need to successively download the various individual updates?

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    Re: Updates for Windows 98

    I don't use all the patches, but I do use all the critical updates for Win 98. So far as I know, there is no list (unless someone has made such a list). The problem is exaccerbated by the fact that some of the patches are cummulative & some are not. Microsoft has no been consistent with the words Service Release, update, patch, etc.

    Windows Update creates a log file on your hard drive called Wulog.txt in Windows 98 and wuhistv3.log in Windows 98 Second Edition. You can find these files in the C:Windows and C:Program FilesWindows Update folders respectively. You can open either of these files in Notepad and track your download history offline. I suppose if you or someone you know has applied all the patches, you can search this text file for all the updates. I just searched my hard drive & found out that I (or Microsoft) renamed wuhistv3.log to wuhistv3.old back in 2002, so I don't have such a list.

    I did find one website that says they keep track of all patches, but I haven't checked to see how up to date they are. You can find it here.

    Someone once posted a URL for downloading all the updates, but I can't find it. Sorry. Oh yes, ocassionally, some of the updates cause problems. So far as I recall, the updates for Win 98 haven't caused problems. The biggest issue was the SR-2 release for Office, which I never installed.

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