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    envelope defaults (2000)

    I received a call from someone who's defaults ( had acquired additional spacing between paragraphs. I talked her through modifying which fixed the problem. However, she still encounters space between paragraphs when she addresses envelopes. My next step is to have her delete - unless you have a better idea!? It does raise the question: where are the envelope defaults? Can they be accessed?

    She also reports that she uses Word as her email editor and her email signature has acquired the additional spacing. I have NO idea if deleting in Word will change that. Can anyone help me understand before I start trying to explain more than I know to her?


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    Re: envelope defaults (2000)

    It sounds like her normal style has been redefined to include spacing. She can go to Format/Styles/ & select normal & then Modify/Format/Paragraph/Lines & Spacing tab & change the spacing back to zero. However, she can also check her Envelope Address & Envelope Return style to modify the spacing.

    However, to do so, she must either open to make changes to the template, not a document based on the template, OR after modifying the style check the "Add to template" box in the Modify Style dialog box. If the user has made no intentional modifications to, (no styles, autotext, shortcut keys, toolbar or menu changes, or macros), then deleting is simpler. If she renames, she could copy everything she wanted to a new EXCEPT the menu changes.

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