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    Webcheck.dll failure

    I have reloaded Win 98, IE5.5, and Eudora Pro, and McAfee Virus Scan from Office 2000(then disabled it).
    I have a "Explorer caused exception to Webcheck.dll" screen that occurs at various times in various programs incl Excel and all of the others I mentioned. Sometimes the failure is delayed, sometimes the screen appears on startup.

    I have reloaded Webcheck.dll with dll_finder.exe

    This all happened after I tried a couple of "efficiency improvement" suggestions from ZD Net.

    Any ideas for this novice would be appreciated.


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    Re: Webcheck.dll failure

    Webcheck.dll is a Website monitor. It showed up on my machine after an update from MS. I thought it had to do with IE Error reporting, but I didn't install that. Maybe it automatically installed when I updated IE501 to SP2.

    Anyway, it was causing me problems too. I booted to DOS and renamed windowssystemwebcheck.dll to webcheck.dl_.

    Everything's much better now!

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    Re: Webcheck.dll failure

    Hi Steve:

    In a private message, you stated you received an error message that "Explorer has caused an exception 6d007fH in Webcheck.dll". You also stated that you have 9 dlls that are not the correct version.

    In addition to what Maxg has suggested, you can read the article entitled <A target="_blank" HREF=>"Err Msg: 'Explorer caused an exception 6d007fh in module Webcheck.dll'."</A>

    To locate & download current dlls, you can visit the Microsoft DLL Database at <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>.

    You can then download the proper DLL versions & replace them using the System File Checker.

    Hope this helsp.

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