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    Synchronize Using Offline Folders (Outlook 2002, SP-1)

    I would like to use my non-networked notebook to work in Outlook when I am away from the office. The _.pst file for my desktop is stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server. Lacking a good way to synchonize, I created an _.ost file on my desktop, then transferred it to the notebook using a big PC card drive (which I also use for all of my briefcase files). After transferring the .ost file, I realized that I couldn't open it, because the Outlook on my non-networked notebook will open or accept only .pst files. I cannot connect the notebook to the office LAN, as the LAN is fiber optic. Any idea how I can tweak Outlook to make it accept the .ost file that I have manually transferred?

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    Re: Synchronize Using Offline Folders (Outlook 2002, SP-1)

    From Outlook disable the existing OST, create a new OST file on your Laptop (process varies according to version and installation), then copy the desired existing OST over the new file using the new OST file name.
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