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    Win200 Server with CDROMs

    I have recently upgraded a low-end server running WinNT4 SP6a to Win2000 Server. It is an IDE based platform and had one IDE CDROM installed. After the upgrade the CDROM was no longer visible. I have since installed a CDRW and it is not visible either. If I go into Device Manager and delete the two entries (with the yellow exclamation mark, of course), Win2000 finds them and reinstalls them, but reports that it cannot load the drivers. There is another device that is flagged and that is the PCI Bridge - and the story is the same for that. Deleting and rebooting causes Win200 to detect it, but it can't load the drivers. The server is a couple of years old and is a Gigabyte dual 266 PII motherboard with an Award BIOS. It has two IDE controllers and the devices are installed as such: The primary channel has a 6gb HDD as device 0 and the CDROM as device 1, the secondary channel has the CDRW as device 0 and a 15gb HDD as device 1.
    I guess that a BIOS upgrade is step one, but would the old BIOS stop the CDs being addressed?

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    Re: Win200 Server with CDROMs

    Hi Phil,

    I would suggest looking for motherboard drivers for your system. I know that the VIA Apollo chipset has a few issues with Windows 2000. I don't know about the board you have now. Is it on the [url=]HCL[/hcl]? Since NT/2000 handles the IDE channels in a fairly generic way it seems likely that the hardware drivers for the mobo are outdated.

    You might also consider disabling any DMA settings as they may be interfering.

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