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    Pasting diagrams from powerpoint to word (word 2000)

    Hi all,

    I am trying to paste a diagram drawn up in powerpoint to a word document which will be used as a figure. I can get it pasted on but the figure is just a litlle too large for my liking. Is there a way to paste a scaled down version of the picture to the word doc. I though I could use the same method I used when copying tables form excel which was to select the table, then select the copy picture option when pressing the shift button after clicking on the edit menu. When I try this in powerpoint, I don't get the copy picture option like I would when pressing the shift button in excel. Is there another way to copy this diagram so that I can scale it down in the word document.


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    Re: Pasting diagrams from powerpoint to word (word 2000)

    If you are using Edit>Paste Special in Word, and choose picture, Word typically will resize it to the full distance between the margins (or column margins, as the case may be). If you are pasting as a PowerPoint slide or a drawing object, I think you might have to handle the resizing manually after pasting.

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