I had to reinstall Win98 a few weekends back (with full reformatting of hard disk), and it crashed again the weekend before last (less than one week after the first time) with message "VMM32.VXD is [missing and] required to run windows--you may need to reinstall" Fortunately GoBack was operational this time but GoBack crashed at the first attempt to revert disk saying "system was unstable--allowing it to continue would have caused corruption of the hard disk [this problem was] probably the result of a bug in an application running on your system" I'm pretty sure the VMM32.VXD file was listed as corrupted and the culprit the first time the computer crashed.

Does anyone have any idea about what might be the origin of the trouble? The only programs I can think of that are new on the system would be Download Accelerator Plus and a bunch of Palm apps (e.g., Datebook 4.0d, Wordsmith 1.11). After GoBack reverted the hard disk on my second attempt, I ran System Suite 2000 with new virus definitions and no virus was identified.