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    Heading Numbering doesn't 'stick' (W97)


    I'm supporting a user whose Heading numbering won't stay. We use numbered headings like this:

    Heading 1 = 1.
    Heading 2 = 1.1.
    Heading 3 = 1.1.1.

    We have a very complex document (102 pages, TOC, about 10 sections) in which one of the headings (11.2.1) always goes back to be numbered 1.1.1. According to MS Knowledge Base, this is caused by having a symbol in our TOC (which we don't), but their fix DOES work. Unfortunately, their fix is to convert the TOC to text, which is unacceptable in this case.

    Does anyone have another solution to this problem?



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    Re: Heading Numbering doesn't 'stick' (W97)

    Hi Beej:
    This probably is the result of how the numbering was set up, which is not intuitive. You must first have styles for all your numbering levels. After that, what you need to do is:
    1. Place the cursor in a level one heading.
    2. Go to Bullets & Numbering.../Outline numbering & note what list template (box) is selected in the list gallery (the outline tab on the dialog box). You must perform ALL these steps without closing the dialog box.
    3. Click on Reset & set it back to the default.
    4. Now click Customize & choose the level one setting. Modify the level one numbering the way you want & make sure it's linked to the style (you'll have to click the "More" button to see this).
    5. In the same dialog box, click the level 2. Modify that numbering level & make sure it's linked to the appropriate heading style.
    6. Again, without closing the dialog box, go to the 3rd level & repeat these steps all the way to the last level. Only then can you OK your way out of the dialog box.

    I assume that you've created styles for levels after Heading 9. I've never gone beyond this & in fact, anything beyond level 4 will generally lose the reader...judges included. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> Post back with how this worked for you or if you have more questions.
    Good luck,

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    Re: Heading Numbering doesn't 'stick' (W97)


    There was a problem related to outline numbering in Word 97, in that if your numbered paragraph text (in the body of the document, not necessarily in the TOC) contained certain (common, such as the euro) symbols, the autonumbering would restart in unexpected places. The problem occurred when you saved the document. The problem was caused by the use of Unicode characters in Word 97, which only partially supported Unicode - this caused Word's internal file compression functions (which run whenever you save the document) to mis-index. The only solution was to not use these symbols in your document (or upgrade to a later version of Word....).

    Sorry I don't have a link to the relevant KB article handy. Can you post the number of the KB article you found?


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