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    Reveal Formatting (Word XP)

    In previous versions of Word when you press Shift & F1 or click the question-mark-and-pointer button, the cursor changes and if you click in a document you get a pop-up showing the para and font formatting. If you clciked in a menu or on a toolbar you got a brief explanation of its function. Which was cool.
    In XP the menu/toolbar thing still works, but the in-text thing summons the Task Pane, squeezing up your document sideways.
    I've managed to by-pass the Task Pain for File, New... and for Format, Styles to give the old style dialogs by adding the relevant commands to the menus in Tools Customize. But this one eludes me...
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Reveal Formatting (Word XP)

    I don't know whether you can bring back the "old style" What's This help. It isn't obvious how you would do that.

    If you drag the Task Pain [sic?] away from the edge of the window, it will float and you can reshape it into a palette of any size you like. Word should remember this (if not the first time, at least after a few tries). However, it can't be dismissed with the Esc key.

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