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    HP print driver and margin bugs (Word XP)

    This has probably been covered elsewhere and earlier, but without a search function I couldn't find it...

    I'm getting bit ALL the time by Word XP telling me that my "margins are beyond printable page... fix or ignore"... Then it stops being able to print beyond its supposed "correct" 2.5 inch bottom margin, no matter which option I choose.

    I've finally found a workaround... I choose a different printer, do a print preview, change back to the HP and print it immediately and it works. KB articles on this blame HP, but dang... almost every document I create makes Word upset.

    Any known fixes to permanently resolve this problem?

    Jim Jarrett

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    Re: HP print driver and margin bugs (Word XP)

    HP has updated printer drivers for some models and various problems; you might try if there is one for your printer. Go to Hewlett Packard LaserJet Beta, click on the link for your Operating System and see if there is something for you (one of the categories is Word Margins Fix.)

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