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    Windows Update Error (0x800A138F) (Window XP Home SP1)

    I have used Window Update with no problems before. Since last week, I have tried unsuccessfully several times to do an update. What is the problem with this site? I did a Office update today with no problems. Below is the error message I received. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Windows Update Error
    Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.
    Select from any of the following pages for information about Windows Update services, or send us your feedback.
    Windows Update Home Page
    About Windows Update
    Support Information
    You can also get online support if you are having problems with Windows Update.
    Send error number to Microsoft (0x800A138F)
    Note This sends error information but does not create a support incident; you may or may not receive a response.

    Byron Chikinda (home)

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    Re: Windows Update Error (0x800A138F) (Window XP Home SP1)

    Hi Byron--

    You might find these links to WU Troubleshooting Site and WU Troubleshooting MSKB's and additional WU info of help:

    1) Post 284386

    2) Posts 287396, 287591

    3) Posts 27800

    4) Posts 285675, 285705, 287274

    5) Post 284232

    6) Post 284224


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