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    RPC terminated unexpectedly (WinXP Virgin)

    An elderly friend's system has been infected by the MSBlaster.
    I terminated the MSBlast.exe and updated her Norton Virus Scan program.
    VS said it found and deleted the MSBlaster Worm.
    There are no updates installed, so I started to install SP1; however, get the
    "RPC terminated unexpectedly" message and the system dies before completion.
    A Google search indicates this is a condition of MSBlaster.

    Can I install the MS03-026(823980) fix without any of the previous critical updates?

    That way, maybe I can keep her system up long enough to get SP1 installed, then the other Critical Updates.
    Or would it be better to install 6.0 and skip some of the older updates?

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    Re: RPC terminated unexpectedly (WinXP Virgin)

    You may have heard that you can stop the MSBlaster shutdown from taking place by typing
    in a Command Prompt window (but you need to be fairly fast!). That will give you a breathing space.

    The next thing to do is to set up the ICF firewall, if you haven't already done this - it's described here as Step 1.

    I can't see any reason why you shouldn't put on the MS03-026 patch for XP as soon as you can, but be careful not to select the 64-bit version (as someone has had recent experience of!)

    Then you can spend many happy hours downloading and installing all the other updates ... but before doing this I suggest you read through this thread.
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