Hi Folks

Please forgive me for this slightly off-topic post. This is the only forum that I know of with participants likely to have the information that I am looking for.

I have used MS Word to create an html document that is the "owners manual" for a sophisticated factory automation system. When the automation system is running I have provided the user with a "button" on their screen that launches Internet Explorer with it's home page set to the location of the html document on the local hard drive. For background, the script that does this looks like this:

IF InfoAppActive( InfoAppTitle( "IEXPLORE" ) ) == 1 THEN {Check for an instance of IE}
__ActivateApp InfoAppTitle( "IEXPLORE" ); {Bring it to the foreground}
__StartApp "C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIEXPLORE.EXE"; {Launch IE if it is not running}

Unfortunately this brings up IE with the controls for sizing the window and the ability to right-click on the task bar active. Invariably people play and cause all sorts problems such as minimized windows, task bar icons becoming visible, etc.

Does anyone here know the parameters that I need to pass to iexplore.exe to get it to open with no controls except a "close-box" active?

Thanks in advance