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    We've got some script to open a context sensitive HTML Help window (server based help) from a web-application. The script is pretty basic - set the url, open the window using:<pre>function ccmHelp() {
    // do some stuff to get url
    hw =, "helpWin");

    The function is accessed using a link with href="java script: ccmHelp()" and works fine to launch the help window. But on subsequent calls from the same or different pages in our application, we see one of two things depending on the client's machine: 1) the intended effect where the window named helpWin is reused; or 2) a new window on each call to our help function.

    I'm guessing it's an OS setting or something to do with the component windows uses to handle URLs (urlmon.dll?). Seems to happen whether it's IE or Netscape, but always consistent on the same machine. Just different across machines. Doesn't seem to be based on the IE Advanced Setting "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" (which wouldn't make sense for Netscape).

    Any ideas?

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    Re: anomaly

    As a test, can you add a link like this to one of your pages:


    and see if the browser remains aware of helpWin? I'm wondering whether by security mechanism or as a result of a different "instance" of IE or whatever, the collection of window names (if that's what they are, don't hold me to it) is either invisible or getting flushed. The behavior of the JavaScript and the anchor tag with named target should be the same. If they're not then that raises other interesting issues.

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