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    Word97 startup switches

    I want to start winword.exe from an applikation of my own, whitout starting a new instance of Word, if its already running. Windows itself can do it, so there must be some hidden switch to control it?
    e.g. if you double-click on any word document in explore it works

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    Re: Word97 startup switches

    When you open when you open a file from an Exploring window you are opening a document, not executing Winword.exe. The Registered File Type for the file is what determines if a new instance is started.

    Open an Exploring window and take a look under View/Folder Options and edit the File Type for Microsoft Word Documents. There you'll find an option for "Browse in same window" (Note that this applies to pre-Word 2000 versions.)

    So if your application is calling Winword.exe then a new instance will be started.

    As for the startup switches, here is an article from the MS KB that covers them:
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