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    Optimising documents with macros in it.. (word 2000, word 97)

    Is there a way to optimise documents with macros in them?


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    Re: Optimising documents with macros in it.. (word 2000, word 97)

    "Optimising" can have different meanings:
    - improving code quality/performance
    - minimising file size

    It is difficult to give hard and fast rules for optimising code quality/performance.
    - One of the tips repeated most often is that in most cases, it is more efficient to work with a Range object than with the Selection.
    - Another is to set Application.ScreenUpdating to False during the execution of a macro that manipulates the contents of a document. Make sure that it set to True again at the end, even if an error occurred!
    - Others will contribute more tips, I'm sure.

    About file size:
    After a while crud accumulates in your modules. Excel MVP Rob Bovey has created a code cleaner for Excel, and you can find an adaptation for Word here on the Word MVP site.

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