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    Math (Access XP)

    I have a report with two subreports. Subrpt 1 lists items on the current invoice, there can be 1-5 items listed. Subrpt 2 is the grand total of previous invoices that are unpaid. Addititional note on subrpt 2 the text box that I will be using to calculate the total amount due is a unbound textbox that calculates from two hidden bound text boxes. So the report may look like the following
    Subrpt 1
    Line 1 = 5
    Line 2 = 3
    Subrpt 2
    Line 1 = 10
    Line 2 = 6
    Calcualted total is 15 not 24.
    Why does the calculation come out this way? What do I have to do to correct the issue. Thank you.


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    Re: Math (Access XP)


    You have been asking questions about this issue before. It is virtually impossible to guess what is going on from such general descriptions without any detailed information about the underlying structure. Could you post a stripped down version of your database?
    <UL><LI>Make a copy of the database and work with that.
    <LI>Remove all database objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) that are not relevant to the problem.
    <LI>In the remaining table(s), remove most records - leave only the minimum number necessary to demonstrate the problem.
    <LI>Remove or modify data of a confidential nature.
    <LI>Do a compact and repair (Tools/Database Utilities).
    <LI>Make a zip file containing the database; it should be below 100KB.
    <LI>Attach the zip file to a reply.[/list]That would give other loungers an idea of what you're talking about. Thanks.

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