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    I am an attorney which right away indicates I need help!

    I utilize VB6 to insert information gathered from a number of textboxes, comboboxes etc. into Microsoft Word Document Templates. Lately, I have been getting an error when closing those documents that states that the NormalTemplate must be saved and other messages stating that it is a read only document. I must continuously close both message boxes and sometimes the VB6 program ceases to function. This happens when I prepare several documents each time opening Microsoft Word as follows:

    Set ObjWord = CreateObject("Word.Basic")
    With ObjWord

    The module ends with:

    End With
    Unload ObjWord
    End Sub

    Each time I utilize the programs it opens WinWord.exe so I have as many of those as I do documents prepared, even after VB6 is closed. I suspect this might be my problem. Is there another way to open and close Word that might help. I greatly appreciate any assistance! Thanks!

    Robert E. Nichols
    Attorney at Law

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    Re: VB6

    This has also been posted (and answered) in the VB/VBA forum. To avoid duplication and confusion, I am locking this thread. All replies to the thread starting with <post#=289566>post 289566</post#>, please. Thank you.

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