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    Access via Intranet

    We've been using an ACC 97 database for a while now and I've been asked to make it available through our Intranet.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started?

    Most of the design work for our 'net is done in Frontpage 97 - by someone else - and I've not really had to get my head around web programming before. To start with, all we need is a couple of controls on a page that will fire off standard reports, but after that, we're getting into the realms of on-line data capture, etc.

    Any ideas?.....

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    Re: Access via Intranet

    Your best bet is to use Access only as the datastore for your intranet application. It's easier with Access 2000 and ADO because you can actually persist an ADO recordset to an XML format and use that directly to exchange data with a web-based application. Unfortunately, the people who come up with these ideas usually don't have the least idea of the limitations involved and just expect you to magically put Access itself on the net. Don't even try, just focus on providing a data source for the FrontPage applications and start learning XML.

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    Re: Access via Intranet

    I am you want to use this over the Internet or as an Internet style page in a private Intranet?

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    Re: Access via Intranet

    As a first stage, I need to give users the ability to run reports from the DB via our private Intranet.

    Users need to view the reports on-line and the ability to take hard copy (right-click and "Print" is fine for this.

    I think Charlotte's comment above is probably the way to go, but I was toying with using Microshaft's "publish to web wizard", to get the reports out there.

    Longer term, I need a way to have users log various service requests through the Intranet page, which will be processed and managed via the back-end Access DB.


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    Re: Access via Intranet

    Thanks for the tip.
    I guess it's time to boost O'Reilly's profits again.


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