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    ATT dial up is slow to connect (Version 2002, SP 1)

    I recently started ATT dial-up internet service. It is very slow to connect from my Dell Windows XP computer, but connects very quickly from my IBM Windows 95 computer. ATT has not been able to solve this problem. My "free" Juno dial-up internet service connects quickly from either computer. Is there some "quirky setting" that needs to be changed on the Windows XP computer to make the actual dialing up not take "minutes and minutes"? Occasionally it will connect quickly on the Windows XP computer, but that is RARE. Thanks for your help. -Barb []

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    Re: ATT dial up is slow to connect (Version 2002, SP 1)

    Which part is slow? Does it dial right away and take a long time to authenticate, or does it take a long time to start dialing?

    To access AT&T Worldnet, I created my own dial-up connection icon rather than using the AT&T software. This means I have to look up local access numbers myself, but otherwise it seems to have simplified my life.

    I just realized I hadn't done this on XP yet (just on 2000). The new wizard appears to be at Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications>New Connection Wizard.

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