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    print booklet (xp)

    I have followed steps to create a booklet. page set up, book fold all sheets. Print manual duplex. I have 17 pages of copy. When I select print all manual duplex I get only one, a blank page, and instructions to insert pages in tray to print back. None of the rest of the pages print. I have double check and do not have print current page selected. If I put the one back in and say ok it prints all of the back sides. What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: print booklet (xp)


    Because you have selected manual duplex this means that the printer will print one page and then wait for you to put that paper back in the printer so the printer can then print onto the other side. It will then print the next side of paper and wait for you to feed that one back in for its back etc etc.

    A 17 page document printed as a double sided 2 to a page version must be a multiple of 4. Therefore I would expect to see a total of three blank 'pages' - or one and half blank sides of paper. The blank page that prints is the one blank side of paper and it is waiting for you to feed back into your printer so it can print onto the other side. Somewhere along the line you will discover the second blank

    You get more obvious results by forcing the document to take up either 16 pages or 20 pages before you print. Three blanks are just plain wasted space and the first blank page is confusing you.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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