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    Wireless network and profile changes

    We have a network setup in our home. I use a Linksys 4 point wireless router. 2 pc's are attached via cable and 2 via wireless (802.11b). The network works well, so what's my problem? My 13 year old son (an on line gamer) has several profiles on his computer (Win XP home).( I think he does this to run red faction servers. Apparently 1 server per profile).
    He claims that MOST of the time when he changes profiles, he loses his network connection. He comes downstairs, disconnects the power to the cable modem and router, waits one minute and reconnects and he is up and running.
    Is it possible to find out what is happening here? The other PC's are not affected, except of course when he disconnects us for 1 minute....(He runs Norton Anitvirus and it is up to date.
    The Linksys router has a firewall which's shields up program says is solid).
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Wireless network and profile changes

    I have two profiles on my laptop and I don't actually lose the connection when my son takes over from me, although the connection icon in the notification area now has a red X through it! Even though the network is apparently lost, it still works. This is a definite bug in XP, acknowledged by Microsoft. The bug also shows if I hibernate. The network connection is apparently missing when I wake up. However, this is a fake error and the network works perfectly.

    There is an article (number 810020) on the web site "" that describes the problem. It is not an exact fit to my case, but it's close enough for jazz.

    One other thing: I use the 'fast user switching' feature of XP. I would expect your son to use this as well because it is turned on by default. However, if it is off then I have no idea whether or not this affects the network connection when switching profiles. However, as an ex-programmer of too may years of experience to mention, it is not unlikely.

    Go to Control Panel. Select 'User Accounts'. Select 'Change the way users log on and off.' You will see a check box that lets you turn on or off fast user switching.
    Turn it on.

    Your son corrects his problem by turning off power to the cable modem/router. Has he tried going into the Connections (from the control panel) and first disabling then enabling the connection? This might be sufficient to fix the problem and the rest of the family won't be disturbed.

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