I have D-Link DWL 650+ Wireless network card in my Laptop--a 600mhz Dell Inspiron 3800, which is running Windows 2000. I have used the card in conjunction with a DL614+ Wireless acess point since about the beginning of this year up until about a month ago, when I started having one problem after another with it. First, I got occassional "STOP" errors (Windows 2000 blue screen type fatal errors), then the card would no longer show up as a Wireless network card, but instead as a regular
"Plain Jane" network card" and Windows would keep popping up the "New hardware found" wizard, asking me to set up the driver (which has already been set up for that card.) I Then had D-Link replace the card, only to find that the replacement card was completely dead--no sign of the card being detected at all. When I contacted D-Link to find out what was going on, they explained to me that there are certain issues between D-Link's card and the BIOS in some Dell computers. I then questioned why the old card, up until a month a go, worked okay, and they told me that it's quite possible that since this issue is somewhat of a more recent one, the old card was manufactured before this type of problem started to happen--that the replacement card is a newer card. The D-Link technician strongly recommended that I upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, which I did, to no avail. What, if I may ask, is going on here?! Could it be that

the first network card went on me, and also that D-Link replaced it with a DOA?

Or, is it more likely that something in my hardware/PCMCIA slot went (which I don't believe because I'm using--right now, in fact--a Xircom "wired" network card without a hitch, and my Cardbus to USB 2.0 PCMCIA card also works fine),

something went bad in the "Firmware",

or that it's a Software related issue (perhaps the Windows 2000 registry had gotten corrupted.)

I wanted to try and isolate the Windows 2000 aspect by switching my hard disk to an old one that I had, where I could test a clean Windows 2000 installation, but couldn't get the stupid drive out of the system (the caddy is in so tight that I can't budge it..that's another story).

Lastly, I tried running Norton utilities (Windoctor), and occassionally it finds something (like a problem with the ActiveX/Com section of the registry), but after it fixes the problem, I still can't get the lousy wireless card to work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Thank you,
Steve Weber