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    Read only directory generating error (2000)

    I moved an access database, plus a load of protected word and excel documents from a read/write directory, to a directory on a shared drive which everyone has read only access to.

    But what looks like is happening, is that only 1 person can access the database at a time. if someone else tries, they get the error message shown below.

    If this because the whole folder is read only ? (The SYSTEM.mdw file is in here as well) and it needs to write to the mdw file ?

    or some other wierd reason. ?

    'doc' as shown below is the standard username for all of the people, so its not a 'file' as shown below, its a username.
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    Re: Read only directory generating error (2000)

    Microsoft Access requires that users have full (read/write) permissions to the folder that contains the database. There are several reasons for this; one of them is that Access tries to create an .ldb file in the same folder as the database itself; this file keeps track of users that are active in the database. If a user with only read permissions opens the database, Access can't create the .ldb file, so it can't keep track of who uses the database; therefore it opens the database exclusively - nobody else can get in. There is no way to let Access create the .ldb file in another folder than the one containing the database.

    Similarly, Access tries to create a System.ldb file in the same folder as System.mdw.

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