Some time back a Lounger discussed finding out which Folder a message is located in after running Advanced Find. Like that Poster, I'm awash in Folders on my business machine and sometimes have no idea where a found message is actually located. Sometimes my business message threads bounce between a customer folder and a product folder, making things confusing. For that reason I finally got to this little bit of code, and I'm using it frequently. I added it (the foldertree sub) to my message window manually using the "feet" icon (though I also wrote it for more generic use).

Enjoy, and post back improvements.

Public Function GetCurrentItem() As Object
On Error Resume Next
If TypeName(Application.ActiveWindow) = "Explorer" Then
Set GetCurrentItem = ActiveExplorer.Selection(1)
Set GetCurrentItem = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
End If
End Function

Sub foldertree()
Dim objFolder As MAPIFolder
Dim obj As Object
Dim strText As String
Set obj = GetCurrentItem
If obj.Class = olFolder Then
Set objFolder = obj
Set objFolder = obj.Parent
End If
strText = "/" & objFolder.Name & strText
If objFolder.Parent = "Mapi" Then Exit Do
Set objFolder = objFolder.Parent
MsgBox strText
Set objFolder = Nothing
End Sub