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    nonprinting characters

    err, call me stupid but...
    I'd like to be able to print all of Word 97's nonprinting characters, well maybe not the dots that represent spaces but certainly the paragraph marks and all the different types of breaks.

    Can it be done?

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    Re: nonprinting characters

    You can do it indirectly by using PrintScreen which saves your screen to the clipboard and then pasting that into a drawing program to crop off the extraneous material.

    You can also add pillcrow characters from the symbols before each paragraph return, arrows at each tab, etc. However, this adds extra characters and will necessarily change your wrapping. This can be useful for documentation and can be done with macros to find and replace. You would then go through and change your margins and tab settings as well as you can to bring the text back to its original lines.
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    Re: nonprinting characters

    I (NB 'got stuck' and 'stuck' are the same person, at home/work respectively) had already thought of the 'print screen and crop' method but it was worth asking for any other ideas.


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