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    Unwanted underlining in MailMerge

    Hi! I am a new member here, and I am not a Word expert. I am teaching myself how to do MailMerge, so that I can create offer letters for our PeopleSoft Recruitment module. I have successfully managed to insert MergeFields and Ifs so that I can conditionally print certain sections (so far I have managed to condense 12 separate variations into one document). However, in its latest incarnation, a mysterious problem has suddenly appeared:
    In the first paragraph within the body of the letter, there are three MergeFields near the beginning, to show the manager name, manager title, and job position title. At the end of this paragraph, I have three conditionals, each of which checks for a value in a field and prints a section, if that value gets that section. When the value is either of the first two conditionals, all is fine. When the value meets the third condition, for some reason the three MergeFields near the beginning of the paragraph (long before the conditionals are hit) are underlined! No other MergeFields in the entire up-to-13-page document show this behavior. I have tried deleting the MergeFields in question and reinserting them, to no avail. There is no formatting showing on them. I did find one interesting thing: I have been removing the "* MERGEFORMAT" that is automatically inserted, since I don't have any formatting. When I reinserted the fields, I left it there. That time, when I used the third conditional value, each of the three MergeFields was still underlined, but only from the character following the first blank in the value on (for example, without "* MERGEFORMAT", all of "Denise M White" was underlined; without it, only "M White" was underlined; same with "Sr Programmer/Analyst" and just "Programmer/Analyst"). Does anyone have any idea what is happening here?
    Sorry if this is too long!

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    Re: Unwanted underlining in MailMerge

    Sorry, I should have mentioned I am using Word 97.

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