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    Multiple copies of database open at once (2000)

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how to allow multiple users on a network to open the company database in Access while one user has the Master Entry (editable) copy open. Is this possible? We've tried, but if a copy of the master (changeable) database is already open, no one else can open up a locked copy.


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    Re: Multiple copies of database open at once (2000)

    If you are saying that there is a single copy of the database on the network but only one person has permission to edit it, then Access 2000 and later require exclusive access to the database file in order to make design changes. Data changes can be made in shared copies, but not design changes. That means that no, there isn't any way for one person to modify it and allow others to use it at the same time.

    If you mean that when the person who *can* edit it opens it, he locks everyone else out, then the first person needs a shortcut that opens the database shared rather than exclusive, which would mean that that person could not modify it under those circumstances either. I know this is different if you were accustomed to Access 97 and earlier, but believe me this is much safer and less prone to corruption of the file.

    If you're talking about replicas and a design master, that's a different question.

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