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    Charts from text data in Access (Office 2000 SR-3)

    I'm a relative newcomer to Access, so I apologize if this is a stupid question.
    Is there a simple way to turn text information in fields into column or pie charts? For example, say a field has a drop-down list with England, France, Canada, Australia and the United States as choices. Can the numbers of each in a total of 150 or 200 records be charted and percentages be calculated easily.

    Cam Martin

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    Re: Charts from text data in Access (Office 2000 SR-3)

    I don't know if it is still relevant, since it is three weeks ago you asked this, but yes, it should be simple. Try using the Chart Wizard.
    <UL><LI>Activate the Forms or Reports tab of the database, depending on where you want the chart.
    <LI>Click New.
    <LI>Select Chart Wizard from the list of options, and select the table containing the data from the dropdown list, then click OK.
    <LI>Follow the steps of the wizard:
    <UL><LI>Add the country field in the first step, then click Next.
    <LI>Select the chart type in the second step, then click Next.
    <LI>Drag the field to the Data box in the third step; since the field contains text, the wizard should automatically select the Count function to summarize; then click Next.
    <LI>Select a name for the chart and set the options you prefer in the final step, then click Finish.[/list][/list]This should create the chart.

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