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    Collaborate On-line

    I would like to collaborate on a project with a person from a different (small) company in a different country. While we are working together, I would love a web-based "network-drive" where we could collaborate on a range of office documents - .doc .xls .mdb .ppt. I would like to emphasise that this on-line solution should be as secure as possible with only the two of us having access. I am not interested in Round-tripping HTML solutions - I would prefer simple storage because the offices that we would be working in are in differnt countries and some may only have early versions of Office installed.

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    Re: Collaborate On-line

    Are you looking for suggestions? I use FreeDrive myself. You can create a share on a particular folder on your freedrive and indicate the email addresses of the persons you want to share it with. Freedrive sends them an email and if they register for a freedrive virtual drive, your shared folder appears in their freedrive. The 50Mb space is free unless you want more space and to get rid of the banners.

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    Re: Collaborate On-line

    Besides freedrive, there is also xdrive and a few others that are for file sharing.

    But it sounds like you might be looking for something like

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