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    Building a Report wrong output (Access 2000)

    I have developed a report in access. I need each report to be a seperate document based on it's document type. I am using a qry to get the data that is fine and I am getting the right output on that end. Is there a way I can build a menu to run seperate reports or run by document type as a parameter. Please Help (See attachments it will give you an idea from current outputs)

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    Re: Building a Report wrong output (Access 2000)

    By individual report, do mean each one on a separate page, or what? You could use code to step through a recordset of indexes for the report (sorry but I couldn't decipher the graphic well enough to have an idea of what that might be) and repeatedly call the OpenReport method passing in a where condition to limit the records used by the report. Or, if you just want them on separate pages, but want to print them all at once, you can use grouping to group on the value that distinguishes one "report" from another and use the properties of the group header to force a new page after the section.

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