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    No read permission (97)

    I have a group in which one person has set up permissions for the whole group to a database out on a server. Everyone who was originally put into the group can access it but the one person who was added later cannot access it. When she opens the database she gets a message that says "Records can't be read - no read permission". We had this problem last year and got it fixed from a suggestion in this lounge but this person has gotten a new computer so whatever we did is gone. I have a printout of the reply we used but after all this time we can't remember what it all means. It says "have you tried copying the .mdw file to your local hard drive and trying to connect to it that way? The error you are getting sounds a bit like a permissions issue with the OS registry - the path to the default .mdw file is stored in the registry. Another thing to try is using a shortcut with a command line switch to point to the network location of the .mdw file."
    We tried putting a copy of the .mdw on this person's hard drive but that didn't change anything. If we write the command line where would that go and what would it say?? If anyone has any suggestions and could explain this it would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Re: No read permission (97)

    Recommend create desktop shortcut for secured database. The "Target" command line should read like this:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10MSACCESS.EXE" "C:AccessMyAppMySecuredApp.mdb" /wrkgrp "C:AccessMyAppMyWrkgrp.mdw" /user "MARKD"

    The target application should be path to correct version of Access executable. Above example is on Office XP/Win XP computer. If using Acc 97 this will probably be:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSACCESS.EXE"

    After path to .EXE, specify path to the secured .MDB (or .MDE) database, in above example, "MySecuredApp.mdb." Then use /wrkgrp switch to specify path to workgroup file used to secure the db being opened. Path can be on local pc or network path. Then recommend add /user switch with user's UserName as saved in workgroup file, so that UserName doesn't have to be typed in every time user logs in to secured db. Note any path with spaces in it should be enclosed in double-quotes so it is interpreted as a single command-line argument rather than multiple arguments. Ensure a space separates each argument or switch command.


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