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    Templates (2000)

    I want to change the template a coument is based on. But I can't find how to do that -- even under tools/Templates&addins (it is currently based on - I checked under File/Properties).

    Also I get another bit of wierdness with this doc -- Whenever I load it, Word tells me (in a new small window) that is already there as an "Add-in"?? I've never seen this before.


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    Re: Templates (2000)

    Hi Randy:
    1. To change a template that a document is based on, go to Tools/Templates & Add-ins/Browse & browse for the template that you want to change to. Select it, double click it, & press OK.

    Second question:
    1. Click an empty spot on the taskbar & press F3.
    2. Make sure that the look in box is your primary hard drive & that "include subfolders" is ticked.
    3. Type
    in the "named" box & search.

    Do you have more than one? You should have only one. Also, this document may be corrupt. Why don't you copy everything except the last paragraph mark to a new document (or, in a new blank document, do File/Insert & insert that file).
    Hope this helps,

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