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    Data lost during import (Access 97)

    I have a dataset that I have downloaded from a company system. I put this info into a text file. In Access, I use the import function. When I import, access is dropping records. Linking does the same thing. Am I missing something while importing? I've added a small sample of my dataset and the matching query results which show the case numbers that don't pull over in the import.
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    Re: Data lost during import (Access 97)

    Without more information it isn't possible to figure out what is happening. What format is the data downloaded in? If it is a fixed width text file, rather than delimited, then it sounds like there is something wrong with the import spec you're using. Given the fact that at least some of the records that were'nt imported are short or preceded by short records, it's possible that the information is getting wrapped and winding up appended to a different record. This could happen if Access is unable to distinguish the end of a record due to the structure of the text file.

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