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    actions depending on user's choise (Access 2000)

    May i have some help ?

    I want to build a function that leads the user of opening one list box, then choose an order in it, perfrorm an action, then open another list box, choose an order
    and then again perform an action. In the most simple case i have a list box called List document.If i choose an order and then click on another controlbox, it performs the function Cancelnvoice.
    Then again i have another list box called ListOrderedDocuments and when i click on the control box above it ,it perfroms the function DeleteInvoice.

    I want now to make things easier for the user and perform all the actions from one button.But i do not know how to do it. After the message box appears, how can i make Access recognize that the customer has chosen an order? And hoiw can i make the function proceed further and is it possible at all ?

    Below i have listed the planned execution of the code.Actually the code doesnt know
    what to do after the message box has appeared.

    Public Function DeleteDocument()
    Dim f As Form
    Set f = Forms![F1]
    f![list].Visible = True
    MsgBox " Please choose number of order "
    ' If a document from the list box ListOrderedDocuments is chosen, then
    DeleteInvoice ' ( deleteinvoice is the name of the function)
    End Function

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    Re: actions depending on user's choise (Access 2000)

    Couldn't you use the after update event of each listbox respectively ??

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