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    Win Me Blues after Full Reinstall

    I reinstalled everything on my wife's computer almost one month ago exactly, but she says that it still hangs pretty often on startup and today I tried to update Office 2000 as per Woody's advice and Zone Alarm has shut the computer down from the Internet, and the "advanced instructions" to restore internet access wouldn't load. Long story, no tech support at Zone Labs on the weekend if you can believe that, I couldn't, but anyway out of luck till next week.

    I was able to update Norton Antivirus 2003 and there were no viruses, don't know about the trojan question but I'm skeptical that that's it, she's not online all that much.

    So I suspect that Windows ME is somehow to blame, and have been thinking about upgrading to XP. I was wondering about the virtue of XP versus Win2000, which I wouldn't have thought of except I've seen Cowboy Dawg recommend it a few times recently as an alternative to ME.

    I guess with XP I would want to upgrade from 128 to 256 RAM, which is a downside to an XP upgrade in terms of extra cost.

    My question is: Would there be different compatibility issues with existing software like Office 2000, or Roxio Easy CD creator 4 (I think), i.e., would either XP or 2000 be less likely to conflict with the software I have?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Sat Kartar

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    Re: Win Me Blues after Full Reinstall

    I'd upgrade to XP. You'd need at least 256MB. Office 2k is fine with XP. I don't think EZ CD creator 4 is OK. Believe you need at least 5. Six is the current release. XP is more likely to be able to support other software than Win2k. MS always positioned Win2k for businesses. That meant less hardware and software compatibility than a consumer OS.


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