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    Help w/ Security Patches (2000)

    Hey gang,
    I'm one of those few who has never even upgraded to SP-1, but with the latest round of critical/important updates, I decided it's time to get off my butt and do something about it. Trouble is, my computer's four years old and, after moving in and out of college dorms and apartments and up and down the east coast, I can't for the life of me find the original installation CD, which the updates require (why in the world they can't just make the updates self-contained, I don't know). Does anybody know if there's a way to install all the SP's, patches, etc. without needing the original CD.

    I'd just go out and buy Office XP and be done with it, except that this computer is slow, old, and not easily upgradable (it's a notebook), and ready to be replaced as soon as I can afford to. Since a new computer would most likely come with Office already installed (or at least as an option for less than a new purchase), it seems silly to waste money buying an upgrade/new version only to buy a new computer in a few months.

    So, am I okay playing it risky and waiting until I can trash this computer altogether? If not, is there a way to patch without the CD?


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    Re: Help w/ Security Patches (2000)

    There's really not a way to patch without the CD, but you may know people who have the same version as you. Unlike sharing a product key, I think it would be okay to borrow the actual media in order to install the patches.

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