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    Excel 2000 Macros

    I attempted to use macros in a spreadsheet to no avail. I went into Tools/Macro/Macros and deleted them all. I continue to get alert windows opening regarding enabling/disabling upon opening the file and when hitting enter to move among cells. How do I turn that stuff off?



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    Re: Excel 2000 Macros

    Excel assums that a file may contain macros if it contains any macro modules. Therefore, you need to delete not only the macros, but also the module or modules they were in.

    Open the Workbook, and press Alt/F11 to open the VB Editor. Find your workbook in the Project explorer. If the Modules folder is not open, click on the plus sign next to it. Right click on any module in this folder and select "Delete module" where "module" is the name of the module you right clicked on. Do this for all modules in the folder.
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