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    Table of Contents

    I am trying to build a table of contents that displays the section numbers only, not the page numbers. There does not seem to be a direct way to do this. I looked at SEQ fields
    but could not see a way to do it there. I would preferably like a method that does not have to be manually inserted into each section.

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    Re: Table of Contents

    So... the table would list all the headings but instead of listing the page number would list the section number? If not all the headings, what would the contents list be?

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    Re: Table of Contents

    I guess I was a little unclear. I do want the headings to show but where the page number would appear, I want to put only the section number. That way I do not have to renumber and reprint the document each time I change a section or a section length. The table of contents will point to the seciton number with the section header as the text.
    Each section has a heading defined as a Header1 and two trailing lines defined as Header2 and Header3 respectively.
    These three lines are being picked up as three levels by the TOC field. Where the page number would have appeared in Level 1 (Header1), I want the section number. Header2 and Header3 (Level2 and Level3), have page numbers suppressed by the n 2,3 switch.


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