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    Apps quit

    My O2K apps have suddenly begun exhibiting the immediate shutdown behavior detailed in the knowledgebase. However, this was not after any changes, but began after Outlook crashed. The solution listed, changing the .../UnInstall key value name ProductID to OldProductID forces new user info dialog to pop up on starting any Office app; unfortunately after the dialog is completed, the app shuts down. This behavior does not occur if the app has lost the focus or if a dialog is active. Any ideas?

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    Re: Apps quit

    Have you tried performing a Detect and Repair or a reinstall of Office to see if that fixes it?

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    Re: Apps quit

    Yes, it has absolutely no effect. I did get a response from MS pointing me back to the same articles in the KB and recommending a complete removal and re-install. I'm pretty certain that if I bought a new machine or reformatted the drive and started over, it would solve the problem; but that seems to me to be a cop out and doesn't ever answer the root question: what is going on???

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    Re: Apps quit

    That's a bit overkill isn't it? [img]/w3timages/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    What version of Office2K and what SP/updates are installed. It's a known issue with SP1 and certain cd keys - if the fix in the KB doesn't help then call MS for a new key.

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