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    Too Many Folders In Outlook 2000 (2000 SR1, Win98)

    I did a retrieve of my e-mails from archive. Did lots of them, actually, because I was so confused and didn't recognize where the information was going.
    Now, I have loads of folders above my 'Outlook Today' folder, and another 4 Personal Folders way down at the bottom.
    Can I just delete those folders? There are about 20-30 folders in each one (because I keep my ingoing/outgoing e-mails by subject matter). I don't want Outlook's performance to be degraded because it is so cluttered. I don't want to delete the archive, either - I just want to get it out of Outlook until I need it again.
    Am I safe to simply delete those folders?
    Thank you,

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    Re: Too Many Folders In Outlook 2000 (2000 SR1, Win98)

    The question is, did you delete anything from the Archive Personal Folders which you opened? You could have done this by importing, moving, or drag-and-dropping, Folders from the Archive Folders. If you did, you'll need to decide if you want to move them back to the Archive Folders, or keep them in your current active PST(s).

    Once everything is where it should be as far as your active PST(s) Folders and your Archive Folders, then right-click those Archive Personal Folders and select Close "<foldername>".

    If reconstructing everything is really confusing, just close the Archive PST(s) as aboive, then make a new Archive PST containing the Folders you don't want as active any more.

    Hope this helps.
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