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    Rank Calls to Helpdesk each week by category (Access XP)


    I am trying to create a report that gives me the top 10 ten helpdesk problems for each week. The data was imported from Excel and contains 17 weeks and 46 problem categories. I split out the Categories into their own table, and did the same for the weeks (3/10/2003, 3/17/2003, etc.) as you will see in the attached file. The query works for the week of 3/10/2003, but I need to be able to specify a week and run the report.

    Any advice on where I'm going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

    Be advised, if you send this file back to me, please zip it, as our servers do not accept .mdb files.
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    Re: Rank Calls to Helpdesk each week by category (Access XP)

    I don't know if the problem is still relevant. If so, can you explain a few things?
    - Why is Week_Of in tblWeekOf always 3/10/2003, regardeless of the value of WeekID?
    - What is the relation, if any, between tblData_From_Excel and tblWeek_Of?

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